How to make money with Digital Marketing

Nowadays making money with digital marketing is becoming more and more accessible to many people. Many advertisers want to put their product in the spotlight in an environment where buying on the internet is increasingly commonplace and reaching more people.

This is also good for those who want to make digital marketing a tool to make money, get an extra income and even know to quit the job to work fulltime at home.

Although many people still find it impossible to live in the comfort of home, only with a computer connected to the internet, with all the fun available: Social Networks, Games, Netflix, YouTube, but here who speaks to you is exactly such a citizen.

I started earning my first dollars in 2012 with my YouTube channel: Sonaje. Since then, I've also started writing blog articles and in 2013 I quit where I worked as a computer tech support, and I'm doing it until today.

But working at home can sometimes be a disadvantage. It takes a lot of discipline so you do not distract and stop producing your content. And for you that are starting, or want to start living digital marketing I will give some tips in this article.

how to make money with digital marketing


I suggest you start studying a bit about it. For this I would like to suggest here a great tool on the subject: Google Primer. Is a mobile application that shows you good examples of digital marketing in a very intuitive and fun interface

Affiliate Programs

Adsense is a great tool to monetize your blog. But for those who are starting and still have few hits on the blog it is not profitable. In this case it is necessary to stay tuned in systems that have affiliate marketing. As I read a lot on the subject, many bloggers recommend sites like Hotmart, Lomadee to earn commissions on sales.

Despite not using any of the above, there are some tools that give me a few dollars every month: Followlike, Tubebuddy, ShareYT, Makewebvideo, EasyHits4You and Hitleap I'm looking for more, and remember if you know any more cite in the comment so the community may know as well.

Write articles on social networks

One way to attract audiences is to produce content (in text or video, or even images, or all together) for blogs (Blogger) and video platforms (YouTube). Make software reviews, websites or products and disclose your affiliate link from this software, website or products. So you can make money from Adsense and still earn commission if someone signs up or buys something on the platform you talked about.

That's it folks, I hope you liked the tips. I'm Joninha and recently I watched: This is the kind of video you will create by yourself online

Does Hitleap pay his members?

Hitleap is a system that aims to help its members get more traffic to their sites. The system has software, which is installed on the computer and through this software it is possible to view sites of other members while accumulating minutes. Then you can spend these minutes generating traffic to your blog or website. This is basically how the tool works.

This feature is helping many bloggers who are beginners and need traffic to start to stand out and appear in search engines like Google.

But what I want to talk about here today is the Hitleap affiliate program. The HitLeap affiliate program works just like any other. All you have to do is indicate new users to the platform. So if any user that you indicated to buy minutes you earn commissions in cash for the purchase that your referral did.

does hitleap pay

Does Hitleap really pay?

When you start using the system affiliate program a question you in your head is: Does this system really pay? So to get this doubt from the readers who found this article, I decided to post here the proofs of payments.


As you can see from the image, I already received a total amount of $ 128 through the Hitleap affiliate program. Payment is secure and is done through PayPal.


As you can see, to date there have been 8 payments, the first being on 08/26/2015 and the last on 08/28/2017. So with these images, if you were looking for answers to make sure the system actually paid, be sure now.

Screen Shot 09-25-17 at 05.26 59 PM

If you want to register on Hitleap click here.
That's it then, I'm staying here. Thanks for reading this far. Until the next article.

Is it possible make money watching YouTube videos?

Hello everyone, this is another article, and to produce this article we went to look for websites that pay to watch videos. They exist? Is it possible to make money watching videos? So if you want to know keep reading this article.

Well, the answer is yes (but what comes into question here is how much). If you expect to make lots of money watching videos, make no mistake, at least we did not find anything that would give us this possibility. However, it is possible, yes, to earn a few cents. And now let's talk about two systems that give us this possibility.

At these sites you register and with them you can even earn money by watching YouTube videos. This is Followlike and ShareYT. The money you accumulate will be paid via PayPal and with a minimum of $ 20.00 (Followlike) and 3.00 ShareYT it is already possible to receive your first payment.

Just below I will explain exactly how one of the systems works and after reading this post you will already be able to make the registration to start accumulating coins that will be reverted to real money when you wish. Come on?

How to make money making compilations on YouTube

After I started doing compilations on YouTube my channel changed from water to wine. From 5 million views It's gone to 50 million views in less than a year. With that the income also increased and much. I'm currently earning around $ 1000 a month with my YouTube Channel: Sonaje.

For those who do not like to appear in videos through a camera or even do not like to narrate videos, know that you can perfectly produce videos. The advantages of compilations are many, in addition to your videos have more views, there are few chances of your video to take a flag for copyright issues, because compilations you only need a few seconds of videos that cover the topic you are talking about. A few seconds of any video, falls on the "Fair Use" license.

Another advantage is that through compiled you can talk about celebrities, which greatly increase the chance of your video having a good audience. And you know, the more exposed your video is, the better chances of you making money from it through Adsense.

how to making money making compilations on youtube

Software you will need

In addition to basic software that you use (Sony Vegas, Premiere and others), you will need some other software to assist you in your work. I will indicate some here that I use. (Operating system: Windows)

  • Balabolka - Ideal for those who do not like to narrate or for some reason do not want to spend money buying a microphone. Balabolka transforms into narration everything you write. It is the famous Text To Speech (TTS) software. With it you will transform your text into audio in WAV or MP3 format. So you do not have to use your voice to narrate your videos.

  • Vdownloader - As we are talking about compilations, you will need other videos from the internet to edit yours. And today the biggest platform of videos of the planet is YouTube, so is where you will download most of the videos from. One great software to do this is Vdownloader. With it you can download videos quickly and easily from YouTube or Facebook.

  • Atube Catcher - This also downloads YouTube videos, but the featured feature of this tool is the recording of your desktop. For producing How to videos, or tutorials is indispensable a tool that will record the screen of your computer. Atube Catcher does this well.

  • Gadwin Print Screen - As the name already says, is software for generating screen images of your computer. Almost the same thing as Atube Catcher, but with images. With it you can print the entire screen of your desktop or print only in a desired area.
  • DivXLand Media Subtitler
    If you want to add captions to your videos, the YouTube system has enough resources to do this. But using YouTube's online system to produce captions, depending on the type of your video can be a lot of work. DivXland Media Subtitler can help you put captions on your videos in an easier and faster way. With it, you'll generate subtitles in SUB or SRT formats and easily upload them to YouTube.

Why does it work?

As I mentioned earlier, compilations works because you're going to talk about something that's already popular, whether it's TV or the Internet. Then your videos will have more views for this simple fact.

The speed you can make your videos also helps a lot. Because YouTube values creators who post videos fairly frequently, compiling is a plus.

So that's it folks, I hope you enjoyed the tip today. Any questions or suggestions, leave a comment just below. Goodbye!

How can musicians make money with Adfly?

Hello reader friend, today I'm going to give you a tip to maximize your earnings with songs on the internet. So whether you give music lessons online or make money from Adsense by posting videos on YouTube, I'm going to give you one more amazing tip for you to maximize your income using a platform called Adfly. If you do not know yet Adfly, know that you are leaving to make more money with your work online just doing what you already do. Let's go to the tip?

how can musician make money with adfly

What tools will you need?

If you already have a YouTube channel, a website, or a Facebook page, you're halfway there. Now what you will need is an account in Adfly and an account on a virtual disk like Google Drive or OneDrive so you can store files in pdf. Ready. A Payoneer account, the system by which you will receive your payments Tools, that's all you need.

What you will need to do?

The content you make available to your audience are tabs or sheet music. When you play some music, do a tutorial explaining some musical scales or even show how to perform the solo of the song, I want to break free, of the Queen band. Leave a link in the description, so your audience can download the file in PDF. That's all you have to do for now. Now how to make money from this you will find out the following.

How to put it into practice

All you have to do is put these pdf's on the chosen virtual disk (Google Drive or OneDrive) so your audience can download. Copy the link and shorten it on Adfly. Adfly will short the link of your file. Now that you have the short link just paste it into the description of your YouTube video, or paste it somewhere on your website, or in your Facebook Page.


How do you make money?

When someone clicks on your link (which has been shortened by the Adfly system) with the intention of downloading your pdf, they will see an ad that they can skip after waiting 5 seconds. Through these ads you will receive money. So the more these ads show, the greater your chances of earning money.


How will you get your money?

When you reach a $ 10 value you will be able to receive your money. In order to link your Payonner account to your Adfly account, you must also reach this value. Then make your Payoneer account now and expect to reach the minimum amount. When this happens you just need to link the two accounts to receive your payment.

Tips to make more money with Adsense on YouTube

Nowadays making money on YouTube only with Adsense is very difficult. The fact that you have to make millions of monthly YouTube views is what makes this process even harder. And making millions of monthly video views is easy only for those who are already famous. In this case how could we reach millions of views to maximize Adsense earnings on YouTube? Simple, keep reading this post that we will give you some tips so you can easily reach thousands of views without the need for you to be famous.

tips to make more money with adsense on youtube

These tips that we will give you have helped us take our main channel – Sonaje – to the next level and today we have almost 50 M of total video views. And the first tip is:

Speak about famous people

Well, since you're not famous, be patient. The only way out here is to get famous, but while that does not happen, talk about famous people. The life of famous people attracts many curious fans and you can take advantage of this by attracting these onlookers to your YouTube channel. The more you explore what happens behind the cameras of a famous one the more you attract fans of them to your channel who end up becoming your fan too. This way you will increase your video views much faster, also increasing your earnings with Adsense.

Adopt a high upload frequency

The act of posting videos often also helps a lot to maximize Adsense earnings. If you want to make a lot more money with your YouTube videos, post at least one video per day.

Many YouTubers still post videos weekly and this frequency of uploads is very low and this can greatly decrease the profits with video production. So if you want to make more money, try harder to post at least one video every day.

Keep an eye on analytics and observe what is working better

Keep an eye on YouTube analytics and see which videos are generating the most income. This also helps you decide which categories of videos are working best for you. It's much better to have a video with 100,000 views generating $ 20 of income than having a video with a million views generating $ 10 of income. So keep your focus on the category that is bringing more income. In my case it is noticed that football is being much better financially for me.


Advertise friendly content

If you are a content creator you should know that YouTube is in crisis because of the boycott it has suffered from various companies for being accused of displaying ads on unfriendly videos. Because of this, the system is much stricter when we speak about videos that will be good for displaying advertiser products. So be sure to make videos that are Family Friendly, and Advertise Friendly as well, so it is much easier for your videos have a higher income in Adsense

Set the ads up on videos with more than 10 minutes

A lot of people do not know, but when a video has more than 10 minutes it is possible to manually enter places where the ads will appear. Both in the middle of the video, when at the end of it. To do this, go to the editing tab of your videos, then go to the monetization option. In this place you can enter more ad slots that will appear on your video when it's being watched by your fans.


That's it folks, you've checked out my tips for generating more Adsense revenue from your YouTube videos. If you know any more, share with us in the comments just below. And talking about sharing, show this article for that group that you follow on Facebook, so you also help us spread the word.

Why shouldn’t we let G+ die

Why shouldn't we let the G  dieHello guys, I'm Joninha and we are here for another discussion. Despite knowing that the G + already has its days, I will book a small space on this blog to discuss how bloggers are losing this. It's a shame that this powerful tool, has not grown and become too popular on the Internet, as if this had happened, bloggers and youtuber have more readers and views because of this integration that these tools have. For example, when it launched the YouTube comment system was fully integrated with the comments system G + allowing for greater dissemination of videos for YouTube videos also mark more web presence because of G +.

Integration services

These integrations are the features that make the most practical services and spreadable the web since Google (search system) also explores G + platform content, making your own text, photos, videos are easily found on the web.

System Comments

The feedback system, this platform is also very interesting, even though he has not yet moderation of comments (and I do not know if the system will get). You can implement the G + comment system into your blog in a very easy way.

Sharing in posts panel

The panel of posts within the blogger platform, you can easily share your post on your G + page greatly facilitating the act of spreading the word

That's it guys, I'm staying here. These are some of the reasons why we should not let the G + die. But if this platform is going to die, I imagine that Google is already preparing something better.